Marc Vasquez

Capturing Magic Through The Lens (sortof..)

I never really know what to put on these pages. I’m a guy with a passion for technology, data analytics, photography, and so much more. I’ve been very fortunate to have the chance to explore new hobbies and try and live life to the fullest every moment.

I’ve always had a love for awesome photography, and I sadly let it sit on the shelf for a number of years.  I’ve shot mainly with a Canon, but was recently introduced to the world of Micro 4:3.

Currently I am shooting on a Lumix G7 and it’s been very fun to learn.

I try and capture the world in a way that I see it – and hopefully that’s something fun and artistic. I enjoy wildlife photography, old cars, buildings, and anything to do with LED, Neon or lights. I’m trying to get more into night photography and work with long exposures.

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MY Amazing Wife

Owner of Energy Ripple, Bristol PA

7 years ago this gal said yes! We have an amazingly fun time together in all things we do.  She currently owns her own business performing Energetic Work, selling Crystals and more! Check her out at

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I’m That eCom Guy..

Full-Time eCommerce Badass.

I currently serve as the Global Director of eCommerce for an industrial supplier.  I manage a team and help grow different websites for both B2B and B2C.

Prior to eCom, I owned my own business in the IT field.  We offered break-fix, networking and computer consulting to many in the greater tri-state area.




#SubieGang & Jeep Life

As if I didn’t have enough to keep me busy..

My dream car has always been a Jeep. I don’t know, it just always called to me.  In 2021, my father passed away at the age of 70.  His dream, too, was to own a Jeep – and that was passed down to me.  I proudly drive his 2015 Jeep Wrangler all over! Whether it’s to the beach, Wharton State Forest, or any trails I can find.

Prior to my father’s departure, I had purchased myself my 2nd dream car – a Subaru Crosstrek – thinking Jeep life was out of reach.  (I always wanted one in Orange.. this model year didn’t offer that).  I’ve enjoyed learning more about the Subie culture and mods, and find the Crosstrek to be a sporty and fun daily driver.  Plus who doesn’t love listening to Hobo Johnson rap about one – while driving one!


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Beyond Cars..

Radio is another hobby – KC3LXC

I was truly fortunate to grow up with parents that supported me and my dreams in so many ways.  As I mentioned, I always loved learning about new tech, and still do.  One way I do that now is via Ham Radio.

My call is KC3LXC, and I can often be found on the Bristol Repeater (W3BXW 147.3), and I try to keep 147.520 on when I’m riding around.  Both vehicles are equipped with radios to keep me in communication with the world!



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What Else..

Oh Yeah…

I’ve been a Firefighter since I was 18. I started out in Evesham, NJ and spent 13 years at Station 221.  From there, I moved to West Deptford and served briefly at Greenfield Fire Company.  Finally, upon moving to Croydon, I joined Station 11 where I served as a Firefighter, Fire Police Officer, Trustee, Secretary and Treasurer. 


After serving communities for 17 years, I have decided in July of 2022 to retire from active service.